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The webpage of a latex, hypno, bondage drone living on the Isle of Wight, UK.


You have entered a site that contains content of a very graphic and Adult nature.
These pages are designed for ADULTS only and may include pictures and content that some viewers may find offensive.
If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you, or it is illegal to view such material in your community please leave now
All content is copyright and may not be downloaded without prior written consent.

The drones personal life
The drone is a pansexual male and is based on the lovely scenic Isle of Wight in the UK.

It is in full time employment and has a non participating vanilla partner who is aware of its interests and is happy for it to have bondage buddies and cross dressing friends. It keeps its professional, personal and drone lives apart from each other and as such is not always available.

Why choose the drone?
The drone offers the user total discretion and total obedience and loyalty whilst in your control, subject to its Hard Limits and requirements.

Amateur Photo Sessions.
The drone is available for studio work and photo sessions but content must ensure that its face is not visible on any images to maintain a level of discretion.

Location Sessions.
The drone is only available for meetings on the Isle of Wight except under special conditions. Expenses would be expected to be covered.

The drone has very few limits. It is totally open minded and willing to try out new things and experiment.

it has a range of interests including but not limited to:
Bondage, Caressing, Chastity, Collars, Encasement, Erotic Hypnosis, Erotic Texting, Hoods, Immobilisation, Kissing, Latex, Lingerie, Lycra, Massage, Mummification, Nudity, Restrained Feminisation, Restrained Shaving, Rubber, Sensory Deprivation, Skin on skin, Skin suits, Zentai
(Please note: Interest does not automatically equate to participation)

Other Interests:
Paranormal Research, Erotic Fiction/Fantasy, Online Gaming: Second Life, Eve Online, Sims4, Pokemon Go

Hard Limits
● No kids ● Puke ● Blood ● Scat ● Extreme Pain ● Marks ● Full on Breath Control

it gives total discretion and it requires users of it to do the same as it wishes to keep its personal life separate from its drone one, the drone does have a non participating vanilla partner who is fully aware that of its interests and is happy for it to meet up with others who are into Chastity, Encasement, Lingerie, Rubber & Lycra for bondage, total enclosure and sensory deprivation but she has no interest of participation at any level herself.

At no time may the drones identity be revealed or any attempt made to expose it publicly or cause any distress or embarrassment to its partner.

Drone Mode:
In drone mode, it ceases to have an individuality and is merely a piece of programmed property existing to serve and service your needs.

It should be referred to as 'it' for all messaging etc as this reinforces its drone mindset. Whilst it is in 'drone mode' when practical it will speak/message in the third person as this also helps further deepen this mindset.

● Drone mode should be used whenever practicable as it keeps the drone in the right mindset for service.
● It is fully pansexual and has experience of both male and female partners.
● Its primarily role is that of Bondage drone.
● It does not take a Dom role at any time.

Messages etc:
Online or Telegram for erotic chat, messages can be as graphic or as crude as you like subject to hard limits.

Submission thoughts:
it loves to start a scene with a voluntary act of submission, and donning a hood is one of the most effective ways to give up control.
It's also much easier on the top... it's difficult to get the chin to sit right, the ears to lay flat, and the nose holes to align properly when applying a tight hood on even a willing bottom.
Once it's on, zipping, strapping and locking it on are easy, and that delicious headspace of no longer having any control sinks in as sight is removed and sounds muffled.
Copyright drone330524
All rights reserved
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